About Us

Levin Packer architects are engaged in a variety of architectural and
interior design projects in the public arena, hotels, residential buildings,
offices, private houses and luxury apartments.
The firm, founded by architect Ruth Packer and architect Rona Levin  aims for a
timeless architecture and always seeks to achieve a total design

Ruth and Rona are personally involved in every step of the project from
the very first sketches through to the detailing plans and building process,
together with a group of talented architects and designers dedicated to
the joint work.

Each project receives our full attention by searching for the best utilization

of space, emphasizing the relation between

interior and exterior, light and shade, through the choice of materials,
new technologies and very professional working plans and details.
Understanding our responsibility as architects we design and create our
projects committed to our clients and to the environment.

We believe in a dialogue with our clients which is crucial for the process
and inevitable in order to achieve a successful and satisfactory creation.
Approaching our projects with passion, love and enthusiasm brings a
precise and wholesome result.

Ruth Packer won the tel aviv rokach prize for public building

2005  and the design award 2008

for the daniel rowing center.

Rona Levin won the design award for the mamila hotel 2011.

*Planning and execution in collaboration with plesner architects

**In collaboration with Piero Lissoni